Vero is an Edmonton based designer / artist / general creative. They have been working on strategic online initiatives for universities since 2011 and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) since 2014. Their most notable projects include the online courses: Dino 101, Indigenous Canada, Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds, Graphic Design Fundamentals, Software Design & Architecture, and Early Vertebrate Evolution. Vero is the Lead Designer at Onlea. On their own time, they also created the short documentary Knitters of Edmonton, and music videos. For more information about these projects please visit Veronica’s video production page.

As they are also an artist, Vero displays their work across the city, and they take part in the Whyte Avenue Artwalk. For more information on their art work please visit their art portfolio page.

Vero is also a graphic designer / illustrator. They graduated from the BDes program at the University of Alberta in 2011, and has applied their knowledge to the projects that were mentioned above as well as to other projects. For more information please visit Vero’s graphic design portfolio page.